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In line with my current interests in risk and chance with liquids I have been working with the basics, just to enable me to set up the equipment. I have the lightbox now converted with a speedlite flash unit inside. My copy stand has the Canon 60D mounted vertically with a speedlite attached and pointing at a white reflector to the side. I have a perspex tray filled to about a centimetre deep of fresh whole milk. I have been dropping food colouring through a small syringe, and then when I am powered up ready to shoot I simply drop some washing-up liquid in the milk and fire away as it moves.


Now that is almost over I am moving on. The risk and chance has evolved into a combination of control and chance. My aim is to make a perspex shape and pour various coloured liquids over it. Polarizing filter should eliminate the perspex to the eye so the liquid appears to have a life of it’s own.