Roger Dorey

About my current practice


My photographic practice is based upon the art of Surrealism, and can be divided up into three main linked categories.

Unlikely partnerships: As a means of generating and enriching the creative mind, my practical and novel approach explores how semiotic meaning associated with common objects can be subverted to generate unexpected meanings, and fresh creative directions. It is a gymnasium of the mind.

Erotica: I subvert advertising narratives to trigger personal erotic thoughts in the minds of the viewer. My images are often unexpected, ambiguous, but often erotically charged.

Experimentation: This category shows my love of seeing no boundaries, as ideas are generated I employ my wide range of skills, materials, media and approaches, all readily at hand in one continuous creative flow.

Signed artist’s editions of selected imagery maybe purchased as archival prints by email request to

“art should indulge the intellect as well as the eye”